Design Services

  • Page design & layout: Arrangement of content elements (text, images, graphics) for print and digital publication, including element formatting. Page proofs will be generated for client’s review and proofreading.
  • Newsletter, program, user guide & educational supplement design
  • PowerPoint presentation design: Creation of a new PowerPoint template or revisions to an existing one, including content element formatting.

Editorial Services

  • Substantive (or developmental) editing: A “big picture” content review that includes feedback on the overall structure, tone, and organization, based on the intended audience. Feedback may include suggestions to rearrange or rewrite portions of content to make them more coherent. The editor provides feedback but does not rewrite the content.
  • Copyediting: A content review that includes checks for spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, and style guide formatting. The editor will suggest re-writes of content for clarity and consistency. If required, content elements will be XML-tagged. URLs are checked to make sure they are live.
  • Manuscript clean-up & formatting: Clean-up and preparation of text content, including correction of file conversion errors. Content editing and page design/layout are not included unless requested. Clean-up and formatting is available for these file types: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher; Adobe InDesign, PDF (certain content only, and PDF file must be unlocked).
  • Book page and cover resizing
  • Non-SME (subject matter expert) or generalist content revisions
  • Content correlation, mapping document & log creation: Correlation, mapping, and/or data entry of content for use in client’s digital or print production processes.

Additional Information

  • All services: A non-refundable deposit is required to start work.
  • Editing only: Content will be edited at a rate of 2–10 pages per hour, depending on the condition of content and desired level of editing. One page equals 250 words. The page or word count is based on the original manuscript or source content that you submit for editing.
  • Sassy Lady Design & Editorial does not offer the following services: Rights and permissions research; indexing; research paper, dissertation, or journal article editing; academic essay or paper writing; copywriting; branding or corporate identity (including logo design); content marketing, advertising, promotion, or public relations/PR.

Next Steps

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