Find Your Style (Guide)

Do you need a grammar refresher? Or tips for avoiding biases in your writing? Style guides are invaluable resources that can help you communicate better. Check out the Sassy Lady Design & Editorial website for links to widely-used style guides:

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Ready, set, color!

Whether you like a lot (or a little) color in your life, its impact as a communication tool is far-reaching. With that in mind, here are a (brief!) background on color theory and some resources to help you use color more effectively.

Ferris wheel during a sunny day

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Typography (Part 1)

Test your typography knowledge with some quick information on fonts and typefaces. Although the term font is often used to describe all text character attributes, it is really a specific size and style of characters within a typeface. A typeface is a set of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols of the same design. Source:…

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